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Advantages of Metal Restaurant Furniture

Metal restaurant furniture is in fashion, and it doesn’t owe its popularity solely to its sleek, timeless style. A combination of different factors have all contributed to its appeal and made it a great practical purchase decision for many restaurants, hotels, casinos, churches, and synagogues. Metal chairs provide a flexible and stylish option to add a specific look, mood or function to your space.


First and foremost, metal is durable. By its nature, the material outlasts the wooden, plastic and other various alternatives. Simple upkeep and proper care can ensure even decades of it remaining in prime condition. Metal chairs are wipeable so are naturally without stains and general wear and tear that can occur with upholstered seating. This makes metal commercial chairs a convenient choice for any restaurant, particularly those withoutdoor seating as metal chairs are also great weather resistant options. Metal chairs can endure any weather without issue, are easy to clean, and all of this without sacrificing beauty and style.

Lightweight and Stackable

While their durability might indicate otherwise, in practice, commercial metal chairs are often designed to be lightweight, an important trait for any restaurant that commonly requires moving its furniture around – be it for storage, combining tables and chairs for its customers, or perhaps offering outdoor seating, when the season is right. Being so easy to handle, they offer a lot of flexibility in the arrangement of any restaurant and can answer many different daily needs. It makes the daily maintenance of any business an efficient, straightforward and smooth matter


The metal restaurant chairs we have for sale come in a vast variety of style, ranging from simplistic to more elegant, sophisticated designs. Nowadays, the material is so easy to mold and craft that you’re guaranteed to find something that matches your personal tastes and preferences, be that sharp lines or soft contours. It’s not just a matter of visuals, either. A common misconception is that metal furniture is uncomfortable, and that is simply not the case. Cushions, for example, are easy to add, but even a purely metallic chair or stool can prove to be cozy, thanks to something as simple as a deliberate curve in the design. Our chairs are designed and chosen with care, ensuring you only get the best, most comfortable seating for your venue or restaurant space.


We offer discounts on bulk and wholesale seating from commercial metal barstools to bulk savings on metal armchairs. We’ve been a longstanding partner for many major restaurant and hotel chains for over 35 years, and we’re committed to offering competitive prices and high-quality stock.  Our Brooklyn showroom is the largest chair showroom in New York, stop by our showroom or browse our chairs online.

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