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Hospitality Furniture Trends for 2018: Expect the Unexpected

Hospitality furniture plays a crucial role in many restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and other venues. Trends come and go within the industry, but one thing remains: hospitality seating is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Naturally, you want people coming in and out of your space to relax, enjoy and leave with a positive impression, which is why it’s so important that the furniture accommodates your guests and leave them with nothing but a positive experience.


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Modern Lounge and Lobby Seating for Hotels

Hospitality furniture for hotels is often very trendy, modern, and in tune with a hotel’s brand. If the hotel is a modern hotspot, the furniture will match its vibe from sleek velvet upholstered club chairs to stylish bar stools. Hotels require furniture for dining, lounge and bar spaces which see a lot of traffic. It’s important that the seating in these areas reflects the vibe of the hotel, but it is also important that the seating is durable, strong, and easily cleaned.

At The Chair Market, we’re seeing a major push towards upholstered armchair seating for many hotels and resorts. Upholstered seating is an elegant option that often appears in many dining spaces or lounges. We boast a wide variety of upholstery options, colors, and patterns, along with sleek new modern designs, making us the number choice for modern hospitality furniture.


A Return to Classic Restaurant Seating

It’s difficult to turn the page of a magazine or swipe through an Instagram feed today without seeing the class cafe staple making a major come back in many restaurants, cafes, and hotel dining areas. Bentwood seating has elegant and clean lines, and because it’s made from wood, the material is durable enough to endure years of use. Bentwood chairs actually derive from Michael Thonet who introduced the style to the market in the 19th century. The design is simple, well made, and has been adored for over 150 years.

Bentwood seating immediately inspires the classic image of the French bistro, and many venues today are capitalizing on its popularity. Bentwood seating can come as stools, chairs, and even armchairs and in a variety of timeless colors like walnut, red, or white. Thonet seating is one of the best selling styles in history, crossing time and borders and finding favor in the hospitality industry worldwide. Hospitality furniture is an intensely diverse industry ranging from nursing home furniture to country club furniture. The needs of each venue are specific and different depending on its clients and needs, however, what remains true is well made, durable and beautiful furniture will always be on-trend. Our specialists will provide you with a wide variety of seating options that will help further express and tell the story of your space.

The Chair Market has been in the chair business for over 35 years, and we’re proud to have many long-lasting relationships within the hospitality industry. Stop by our Brooklyn showroom or browse our site for all the inspiration you need to upgrade your venue or space.

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