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Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Bar Stools

Bar stools can potentially be an extremely stylish and economical seating choice for restaurants as well as residences. Their benefits in comparison to traditional restaurant seating are surprisingly numerous and include financial, space-saving, and customer-accommodating solutions that are difficult to ignore. 

However, purchasing the wholesale bar stools best suited to your unique establishment requires careful planning and various considerations. It is of the utmost importance to maximize the value and return that you’ll derive from your restaurant bar stools, otherwise what’s the point?

That being said, we have generously compiled a small list of things to keep in mind when hunting for those perfect commercial bar stools for sale


Firstly, when pairing stools with counter-tops it’s important to maintain the same amount of legroom for customers as you would with classic restaurant seating and tables. You certainly wouldn’t want people to see them as “those uncomfortable seats” where they cannot truly enjoy themselves. So, be precise with the height measurements of your stools and counters, the smart planning will pay off tremendously.   

Breathing Room

While we’re speaking of measurements, it’s probably of equally critical importance for restaurant bar stools to be properly spaced out, allowing for ample arm and legroom between customers, and a more pleasant dining experience for everyone involved. 

Overcrowding, while tempting to some owners who may delude themselves into thinking it will bring in more profit, ultimately will only chase away business. 

People prefer to enjoy and savor their meals, and bumping elbows with strangers while dropping food and spilling your beverage everywhere are generally not considered to be part of that experience. 

Additional Features
Wholesale bar stools are available with a variety of possible added features and comforts that you should thoroughly consider. Let’s touch on some of those here.

Seat Backs and Armrests

If your intention is to lure customers in for a long, enjoyable night, whether a bar or a restaurant, your primary option should be to buy commercial bar stools with backs. The same can be said of armrests.

Backless bar stools are better suited for restaurants that have a quick customer turnover, like fast food joints, or some more casual bar settings. 

Swivel Action and Height Adjustment

Similarly, if customers are to remain in their seats for an extended period of time they cannot be deprived of the ability to see and comfortably carry on conversation with their peers. Therefore, swiveling commercial bar stools for sale are even more preferable for small groups, while height adjustable seats allow your restaurant to accommodate most families with children of varying sizes.

Bar Stools Decor and Style  

Of course, it goes without saying that just like any other dining chairs, booths, tables, or otherwise, it’s not enough to simply find a set of stools that are merely fashionable, but ones that seem to exist specifically for your restaurant, its theme, and decor. 

Often, for creative, visionary, ambitious restaurateurs like yourself, that means not settling on someone else’s random commercial bar stools, even  with their wonderful backs, hydraulics,  or whatever other features, but fulfilling your dreams down to the finest detail by opting for custom-made bar stools.

You deserve to have your seating design be a flawless representation of your vision, and should you wisely make that informed decision, the Chair Market’s enormous Brooklyn showroom is undoubtedly the ideal place to start.

With over thirty years of experience in creating and designing elegant custom furniture, combined with our knowledgeable team, skillful craftsmanship, and endless options of luxurious fabrics and finishes, you are bound to be able to flawlessly reproduce those dream stools. 

Bar Stools Price

Additionally, if price is a factor, and it is for the vast majority of us, you can be absolutely confident that you’ll still find exactly what you’re looking for among the contents of The Chair Market’s staggering showroom; the largest of its kind on the east coast.  

Quality, Durability, Style, and Comfort
Lastly, any experienced diner who’s seeking to enjoy a nice meal out anticipates sitting down upon a chair or stool that is constructed from durable and high-quality materials while also providing an adequate level of comfort in a sleek and stylish fashion.

If we did not understand the importance of that, we could never have lasted all these decades. The quality, comfort, beauty, and endurance of our furniture are and have always been our top priorities. 

Come visit our showroom, see for yourself, and explore the endless possibilities for your venue’s distinctive future.

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