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The Name Game

Most of us are familiar with the legendary and timeless Shakespearean quote “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Indeed we would be rather foolish to think that a name can in any way impact or dictate the personality, attitude or behavioral patterns of the individual to whom it refers. Thus, when it comes to living creatures, names are generally a means of specification; a method of differentiation used to determine the precise identity of each individual within our species. 

However, names that are used to refer to inanimate entities such as corporations and businesses, tend to function quite differently. Often they are supposed to represent the positive nature and high quality of that particular enterprise and/or its product(s). In such cases, the company name may include adjectives that are meant to allude to the greatness or superiority of that particular entity within its industry.

Then there are those companies that seem to choose a name completely arbitrarily, causing consumers to wrack their brains in an effort to figure out why that particular tag was ever an appealing option. In such instances, one can more often than not conclude that ownership or someone at the top of the company ladder simply thought it had a nice ring to it and therefore decided to proceed by taking that shot in the dark.

Other corporations seek to be more direct, more blunt with their names and will include the nature of their business in the title. For example  if one Jimmy Franklin was the owner of an electronics store he may choose to simply call his store Jimmy’s Electronics; if it was pizza he sold or flowers, then it would be Jimmy’s Pizza or Franklin’s Flowers and so on.

There are times however when this formula is used, that it could be a bit misleading and things may even begin to get confusing. Let’s pick a name out of the hat and analyze the chain Dunkin Donuts briefly. A complete stranger, a newcomer to this particular store, may be under the false and unfortunate impression that doughnuts are the sole product offered by the chain and thus, not having much of a taste for them, completely miss out on the opportunity to step in and purchase an absolutely delectable cup of coffee or a hot breakfast sandwich. Had the name not been so specific and limited, perhaps such a misunderstanding could have been avoided.

(Of course this is a completely random example, in reality this chain is obviously well established, extremely popular and we all know that Dunkin Donuts is about so much more than just doughnuts)

Now a company by the name of The Chair Market may lead one to come to the very same conclusion. While chairs are in fact the bread and butter here, they are not the sole form of quality decor being offered .

The Chair Market features a variety of tables, table tops and table bases. Dining and restaurant tables are composed entirely of wood, glass, or stainless steel frames.  Table tops are available in square, round and multiple custom finishes, while bases are manufactured from cast iron, stainless steel and wood. All offered are available in a variety of finishes and custom powder-coated colors. The Chair Market may not be called a rose, but it’s smelling pretty sweet.

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