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What Are the Different Kinds of Wood Restaurant Tables

Updated: June 2023

When searching for the ideal tables to adorn your establishment, odds are you will be predominantly looking at wood tables for restaurants. The reasons for this are collectively quite convincing, as the benefits of wood restaurant tables are truly indisputable. Wood is strong, durable, and adds a certain weight and elegance to any venue. A classic wood table can endure lots of love and dining, while proving to be a long-lasting addition to any restaurant 

Firstly, this natural material possesses an astounding level of durability, which allows for years of quality usage. Coupled with the fact that it is reasonably priced compared to some more fragile options, viewing it as your primary consideration is a no-brainer.            

In addition to solid wood restaurant tables, wooden tabletops pair gracefully with a variety of base styles and designs. Each serves as a pedestal, proudly flaunting the rustic beauty of wood restaurant tables. With The Chair Market’s many mix and match options available, you are certain to find the right combination at the right price.

A diverse collection of the finest species are utilized in the careful construction of different kinds of wood restaurant tables, giving each its own distinctive appeal. Furthermore, an endless list of exquisite finishes can provide that perfect, unique touch necessary to obtain your complete satisfaction. 

Wood unquestionably allows for possibilities. That being the case, it is utterly critical to incorporate the wood restaurant tables and chairs that accommodate the traffic flow, setting, and atmosphere of each particular establishment. 

Here are three game-changers to seriously consider when furnishing your establishment with nature’s finest.

Bar Height Tables

Wood topped bar height tables are an utter dream for pubs, coffee shops, sports bars, and any other less formal, fast-paced environment. A wooden top rests upon a high, narrow base to create a heightened table with which bar stools may be used. This results in the optimal utilization of your space, allowing for higher volumes of customers within a given area, and the added bonus of an effortless cleaning process.  


Wood-based restaurant booths offer a distinct dining experience by creating a comfortable intimacy within the larger surrounding bustle. Booths are magnificently versatile, with representation ranging from fast food joints, cafes, and diners to steakhouses, bars, and coffee shops. Everyone loves getting a booth at the restaurant, such occasions are often the most memorable and enjoyable. Placed in the proper setting, these gems are truly brilliant

Outdoor Tables

When furnishing any outdoor dining or leisure area, it is of utmost importance to consider the elements and their effects upon a variety of materials. Outdoor wood tables, forged from trees that are produced with, and subsist upon water, are certainly capable of resisting nature’s fiercest storms. Weatherproof wood tables for the outdoors, combine rustic, aesthetic charm with comfort, convenience, and endurance.

The Chair Markethas thoroughly mastered the art of crafting and understanding various types of wood restaurant tables. Our extensive expertise will ensure that each venue utilizes and maximizes its space with elegance and efficiency. Contact TheChair Markettoday and find your ultimate tables.

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