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Why Restaurant Booth Seating is So Popular

Restaurant booth seating is an extremely sought after type of restaurant seating. Restaurant boothsare functional, easy to clean, and most importantly comfortable. Restaurant booth seating has the flexibility to fit in a variety of venues, from fast food chains to luxury dining spots. Thanks to restaurant booth’s classic design and cozy feel, customers feel relaxed and are able to build a positive association with both the restaurant’s decor and food.


From double-sided booths, single booths, L shape, ¾ booths, wall benches, and more– booths are seen in most restaurants. So why is this restaurant seating so popular?

Restaurant booth seating

Easy to Clean

There are many types of restaurant booth seating available in a variety of materials from laminates and vinyl to solid wood. What’s so great about the structure and design of commercial restaurant booths is that they are built in a manner that is easy to clean. When choosing a laminate restaurant booth you’ll be receiving a wipeable surface that can withstand chemicals from cleaning products as well as usage from customers sliding in and out. Wood-based restaurant booths ensure the booth remains steadfast and sturdy.

K24 restaurant booth seating


There is something intimate about sitting a booth. Typically the backs are higher and the bench seating allows you to sit closely and comfortably with friends and family. Booths simply create a mood of togetherness and coziness that helps to encourage patrons to spend longer and eat more in your restaurant. Booths can be customized and include a variety of shapes and sizes from double booth to ¾ and many more. It’s easy to seat many people while still maximizing space.


Restaurant booths are available in numerous colors and patterns, you can set the tone for your restaurant by customizing the right booth for your specific needs. Unlike traditional chairs, booths can help to maximize space. A double-sided booth (or a back-to-back booth) for example, can fit 4-6 people at two different and takes minimal space. In order to fit 4-6 people at two tables with chairs, you will need more seating, restaurant table tops, and will be left with less open space.

Restaurant booths also offer flexibility in design as they can be customized to fit your needs. Some venues will require a more fun/retro feel, while others demand luxury and a strong design. Whatever your needs are, booths are easy to customize and make your own.

The Chair Market has been selling different types of restaurant booth seating for nearly 40 years. We’re happy to host you in our Brooklyn showroom so that you can come test out booths yourself. We sell booths made from the highest quality materials so that your seating will remain durable and withstand daily wear and tear.

We offer discounts on bulk and wholesale orders and promise speedy delivery. Get in touch with us or browse our restaurant booths online to get started.

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