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Decorating a Nursing Home: Factors You Need to Consider

Nursing home furniture can range from sofas to chairs to tables. There are often a variety of venues in nursing homes- like game rooms, individual bedrooms or apartments, dining facilities, and patio or outdoor areas. At The Chair Market, we’ve been providing hospitality furniture to a variety of venues for over 35 years. We will work with you to ensure no detail is left untouched. We’ve compiled some tips when furnishing a senior care facility:

Comfortable Lobby Seating

The lobby of a nursing home serves as an entry to the facility, as well as a waiting place for residents, guests, family, friends, and more. This is a high-traffic zone. Consider small sofa and chair combinations that will allow for intimate conversations. Nursing homes are often lacking in a personal or intimate feel, but this can be easily accomplished with the right furniture. Nursing home living furniture, coupled with the right lighting and plants or decor, can create a home yet clean and comforting environment for all. 

Agata Upholstered Wood Restaurant Dining Armchair

Seating for Family and Friends 

At The Chair Market, while we do not provide hospital furniture such as beds, we are experts in furniture for hotel rooms and nursing home private rooms. Chairs for nursing homes are not only about the residents. Family and friends come to spend time in their private rooms or apartments, which means their comfort must be considered as well. Commercial lounge chairs are an excellent way to save on precious resources and ensure all guests are comfortable during their visits.

Cafeteria Tables and Chairs 

Nursing home dining furniture is a crucial part of any senior living facility. Here your residents engage, eat, socialize, and spend time. The chairs need to be easy to get in and out of, and the table height should coordinate with wheelchairs as well so that everyone remains included and comfortable. 

Sula Stackable Aluminum Restaurant Chair

Wood Look

Wood-look furniture is an excellent option for senior living centers. Wood-look has the same look as high-quality wood furniture, but it is actually comprised of aluminum. What does this mean for you? Wood-look chairs are easier e to clean, wipe down, stack, and they are lighter and easier to manage. A win/win for all involved! Browse The Chair Market’s extensive wood look chairs here.

Patio Furniture 

Residents of senior facilities also enjoy outdoor time on the patio, sunroom, or in the garden. Providing comfortable outdoor seating allows for hours playing chess, mahjong, or simply enjoying the sunshine. Consider patio seating that can withstand rain and other elements. 

Things to Consider

Keep in mind that when furnishing a nursing home, the users of the furniture will have very specific needs. Keep the following in mind:

  • Chairs should be easy to get in and out of 
  • Chairs should be comfortable for sitting for long periods
  • Armchairs are great for older adults as they can use the arms to push up out of the chair 
  • Standard height is key. Too short or too tall chairs can result in accidents 
  • Make sure chairs are wipeable as accidents and spills are likely 

By keeping in mind the actual needs of the user, you are more likely to purchase nursing home seating that will meet the user’s true needs. 

Get in touch with us to get started furnishing your senior care home!

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