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3 Tremendous Benefits of a Brilliant, Unique, Yet Widely Shunned Manufacturing Business Structure

Perfection is indeed a lofty goal for any business within any industry to achieve. There are so many challenges to be surmounted, so many impediments to be vanquished, and so many competitors to be eclipsed. Yet, countless companies tread through the same muddled, almost trivial passage, in the grand scheme of things, in an effort to save a few dollars. In doing so, however, they practically ensure the impossibility of ever catching a mere glimpse of perfection as it radiates with brilliance at the end of the dark tunnel. I refer to the prevalent practice accepted by droves of American businesses of manufacturing their products solely overseas.

In contrast, let us analyze the very antithesis to this setup of operations; a most unique and ingenious structure that astonishingly seems to have fallen considerably beneath the radar. I refer to production facilities that are not only within the boarders of these United States, but a setup where the factory and showroom are situated right next door to one another. This arrangement of neighboring divisions, much to the mutual surprise and dismay of business owners throughout the nation, may prove to have a more significant impact upon the success of a company than the inverse, where literally oceans lie between departments.

Following, are three tremendous benefits provided by such a business structure that are simply impossible to ignore.

Firstly, the close proximity of the showroom to the manufacturing facility will significantly decrease incidents of damage. A relentless chain of possible threats exists that can mar a brand new, flawless item the moment it leaves the factory. Rain, sun, heat, bumpy roads, careless handling, careful handling that nevertheless results in the accidental dropping or bashing of an object; all are infinitely more likely to occur when a shipment hits the road. Such unfortunate phenomenon may cost a business dearly, not to mention the actual, inevitable cost of transportation.

Second, perhaps one of the most pertinent features of an efficient, successful company, is exceptional and thorough communication among employees. That being said, there is no denying that people communicate better face to face, not to mention that speaking the same language tends to be helpful as well. Situated in such a manner, orders are more likely to be completed correctly the first time around, and in the rare event that they are not, they can almost immediately be repaired. The showroom and factory will always be on the same page with new ideas, product creation and special orders involving minute alterations and the transforming of minor details. Thus, such a company will not only end up saving money on unnecessary work, but will also free up time to complete other projects in a timely and accurate fashion; a true thriving example and depiction of professionalism.

We’ve now arrived at the final and ultimately the most important benefit of having your manufacturing facility next door to your showroom; customer satisfaction. This really is a synthesis of the previous two points. The efficiency, attentiveness, flawless furniture, and accelerated yet exemplary customer service perceived by the clientele of such a company, The Chair Market for example, ensures a steady flow of dedicated, life-long customers. Perhaps this is the strongest point yet to ponder, when considering shipping your means of production overseas.

The Chair Market has traveled deep into the tunnel. It shields its eyes, nearly blinded by the intensity, by the caustic glow of perfection. Behind it, almost deafening is the incoherent babel of competitors lost and stumbling in the darkness across oceans.

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