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6 Indisputable Reasons to Consider Restaurant Booths Over Chairs


Although there are seemingly endless points for all of us to ponder entering the new year, if you’re a restaurateur looking for new restaurant seating, we hope that you’ll forgive us for providing you with just one more. However, we are quite confident that this particular point can only serve to benefit you tremendously.

So, in the spirit of a fading season beloved for the act of giving, here is a little gift for you:

Should you find yourself in the market for new seating or are simply in desperate need for a venue makeover, you should very strongly consider the option of booth seating for your restaurant. 

There are numerous rewards that can be enjoyed by incorporating custom restaurant booths into your overall design scheme, and doing so will ultimately only increase your venue’s level of success. 

Here are six compelling and quite convincing reasons to invest in restaurant booths for sale as opposed to traditional style dining chairs for your venue’s new design.

People Like Them

What better reason to equip your bustling restaurant with some efficient and solid wooden booths than the indisputable fact that people love them. From sizable, rambunctious groups to individuals dining silently and alone, the requests for this type of seating are never-ending.

Privacy and Intimacy

Any standard or custom restaurant booths will automatically create a certain level of separation from the wider venue as a whole, leading to a far more intimate and private dining experience. The many possible distractions, interruptions, or otherwise that can often diminish a special meal are avoided, and the overall experience is thoroughly more enjoyed by all.


No reasonable person can deny the importance of comfort when it comes to restaurant seating. It’s basic logic; if you wish to keep customers seated in your venue, it’s imperative for your seating to be comfortable. And there is perhaps nothing that can be made as cozy, comfortable, and accommodating as booth seating in a restaurant. Indeed, folks are generally more inclined to take their time, enjoy their meals, and even order more when they are satisfactorily seated.

Family Friendly

Efficiency and a smoothly flowing operation are of the utmost importance for any restaurant, but often, families with younger children are understandably more challenging to accommodate. Kids can wander around, interfere with servers, and in some cases even ruin meals for other patrons. 

However, when your restaurant is equipped with wooden or upholstered booths, children are seated on the same bench as their parents or caregiver, and effectively enclosed within their booth setting where they will not be a distraction and will essentially remain out of harm’s way. 

A Smoother Flow

As you’re pondering some of the Chair Market’s restaurant booths for sale, consider the wonders that they can do for the successful flow of foot traffic and wait service in your establishment. Table and chair schemes can be awkward and clumsy, and essentially are an obstacle course for both paying customers and dedicated staff.  

But, when booths are utilized in place of table and chair sets, it allows for things to be organized into neat and orderly rows. This permits staff to serve with far greater speed and effectiveness, and also allows for customers to move about more freely to and from entrances, exits, and restrooms, without interfering with service or the meals of their fellow patrons. 

Adjusting to the Times

Last but certainly not least, considering the events of these last couple of years and the persistence with which they have stuck around, it would be wise to consider the fact that booth seating is almost flawlessly designed to accommodate our new on and off reality of social distancing.

Whatever our beliefs or experiences, we all hope that Covid will soon be a thing of the past, however, considering the resilience with which it has stuck around, we would be foolish to not highlight and seriously consider the possibility that some of these adjustments may be long term or recurring, at the very least.

Where We Come in

The Chair Market is an industry powerhouse when it comes to booth seating. In addition to the infinite options that you can find in our massive Brooklyn showroom, the largest of its kind on the east coast, there are endless customizable possibilities.

We believe in high-quality designs, durability, and elegance, but we also rather firmly believe in affordability, individuality, and distinctive self-expression.

Each venue or restaurant is a reflection of a unique vision, a dream, and we at The Chair Market will do anything to make that dream come to fruition.

In that spirit, we truly and genuinely wish you all an absolutely happy and healthy new year.

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