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6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Restaurant Chair

If you are a business owner who is looking to outfit your restaurant with the perfect furniture, one thing that you might be concerned about is how to choose the perfect restaurant chair for your guests to sit in. Fortunately, following these six tips can help you find the perfect restaurant chair for your dining establishment.

  1. Acceptable for Commercial Use

    Let’s face it: Not all dining chairs are created equally, and you can’t go with a chair that you would use in your home. Instead, you need to buy dining chairs that can withstand constant daily use. Wood and Metal combination chairs are typically your best choice for fast casual restaurant and usually come with a 12-year guarantee. If you are looking for more style go with a wood or plastic modern chair or for an antique look bentwood chairs are always a looker.

  2. Style

    Although durability and price are important, making sure that your dining chairs are stylish and that they fit in with the look that you are going for is essential. So, look for chairs that suit your restaurant’s style; for example, you might want more traditional chairs for a traditionally styled restaurant or more modern chairs for your contemporary dining setting.

  3. Comfort

    If you want your customers to be happy when they are eating in your restaurant, you have to make sure that your restaurant chairs are completely comfortable. They should have comfortable backs, be comfortably sized and include cushions if diners will be sitting in them for a while when they visit your establishment, such as if you serve full-course meals.

  4. Proper Size

    Make sure that your chairs are sized properly. They should be big enough that larger customers can sit in them comfortably but moderately sized enough that they won’t take up too much space.

  5. Quiet

    You don’t want for your customers to want to leave because of the loud and obnoxious noise of chairs that scrape and scratch along the floor, so look for chairs with gliders; these chairs will be smoother and quieter and can also help you avoid damaging your floors.

  6. Easy to Store

    Unless you have tons of storage space on hand in your restaurant, you will probably want to go with dining chairs that will stack easily so that you can tuck them out of the way when you are cleaning up or need to put them away for other reasons. This can help you prevent scratching and scraping your tabletops and can help ensure that your restaurant and storage areas aren’t too cluttered.

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