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As Good as Old

As is abundantly evident throughout the world around us; culture, as is defined and manipulated by the human race, has progressively shifted in a rather intriguing direction. Once upon a time, cultural progress was synonymous with modernity. Perhaps there was a point, not very long ago, when the past was shunned as something outdated and ancient. Today, however, when looking at people and our creations it is immediately clear that the past is something that is clung to and even glorified.

When it comes to fashion, style, music, even the television and cinema of the present, there is no denying the blatant inspiration from past decades and centuries. Observe those who stroll past you on the street cloaked in the garb and fashions of thirty to forty years ago. How many old movies and television programs are being revived and remade? They almost seem too numerous to count. In the music industry, particularly within the world of rock, hordes of bands are rising up that draw influence heavily from the psychedelic sounds of the Sixties and Seventies. In addition, the bands themselves from theses decades are rising back to prominence and continue to thrive, as they find themselves once again in the glare of the limelight, still performing and on tour.

Furnishings, it seems, are no exception. Not just stylistically and aesthetically, though, but the physical conservation and continued usage of actual old, vintage chairs in addition to other furnishings, is far from uncommon. Inspired, perhaps, by the trends of our surrounding society, many people choose to take their old chairs and reupholster them. Doing so provides the consumer with an added bonus; as the wooden chairs of old were built stronger and thus have the tendency to last longer than those that are manufactured at the present.

One of the Chair Market’s specialties is the reupholstering of chairs of all types. So bring in your old chairs with their aged, ripped and fraying fabrics and have the Chair Market reupholster them. Choose from among an abundance of patterns and fabrics, and The Chair Market will get to work. In no time we will have your chairs looking as good as new…or rather, as good as old.

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