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Back to School

And just like that, we’re sharpening pencils, buying books and making lunches. Summer’s warm air and long days will soon slide gently away and a crisp cool breeze will arrive. Schools and universites dust off chairs and desks and make way for young eager minds.
We have quality school chairs at wholesale prices from The Chair Market. Many colors in stock and ready to go- so we can supply your chair needs for your school, university, synagogue, or church.
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And for your at home or office needs? We have a beautiful supply of the perfect office chair.
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Our Beluga office chair is made with chrome aluminum frame with modern lines.
Britone desk chair: A modern office chair with classical orange color and material will prove to be all time favorite. A soft padded seat and high back gives great comfort, especially when you can also control the height, and rotation angle.
Gliss slide: Practical, lightweight and colored, Gliss brings freshness to different environments. Easy to move, transparent acrylic seat, chromed tube spider frame.
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