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Choosing Hotel Banquet Chairs: 4 Factors You Shouldn’t Overlook

Banquet seating is a crucial part of any great venue. Good quality seating allows you to ensure your guests’ utmost comfort and pleasure. We’ve put together a few essential factors you shouldn’t overlook when choosing hotel banquet chairs for your venue

Know Your Audience

When choosing hotel banquet chairs for your venue, you should carefully consider your audience. If your site caters to weddings, you will need elegant chairs that can be suitable for a variety of wedding styles. If your venue caters mostly to older guests, you will want to ensure the chairs are comfortable to get in and out of- likely with armrests and upholstery. If your venue will be host to families, consider wipable and aluminum framed seating for easy cleanup and durability. Be in tune with your specific audience so that you can confidently choose the right seating that will last you many prosperous years.

Think of Storage

Storage is a crucial issue when considering hotel table and chairs and hotel lounge furniture. Your venue space will not always be in use, so you will need an easy and efficient way to store your hospitality furniture. Stackable banquet chairs ensure you can save space and store your seating supply easily and out of sight. When the time for an event, conference, or wedding comes- you can quickly bring the banquet seating out from storage and place it into the venue. At The Chair Market, we understand the importance of stackable seating that can be easily handled, and we offer a wide selection of styles, shapes, and materials.

Durability and Strength

It can be difficult today to know where your chairs are coming from. Many stores are available online-only, and you cannot physically meet with your salesperson or see, touch, or feel the seating for yourself. The Chair Market’s showrooms in Brooklyn and Miami ensure you can test the durability and strength of the seating for your venue for yourself. We’ll take you through our extensive supply, and you can feel and see the fabric and finish swatches. 

Working With the Right Supplier

It is crucial you find the right banquet chairs wholesale supplier with whom to work. Inevitably, your venue needs will increase, or you will need an update or add to your existing luxury banquet chairs. When that time comes, it can be a headache to go through the entire process of finding a supplier and then all the minute details of choosing, ordering, and shipping your chairs. At The Chair Market, we take every relationship with our clients seriously, and we strive to ensure the partnership will be a fruitful one spanning many years. Our local Brooklyn factory allows for quick repairs, reupholstery, or even new orders to be completed and delivered with ease.

Whether you are in the market for modern banquet chairs or elegant venue seating, The Chair Market is your one-stop-shop for all your hospitality seating needs. Please be in touch with us or contact us

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