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How to Maintain Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Restaurants with outdoor seating can often widen their appeal to the public. Patrons can sip cocktails on the patio or enjoy watching the game, all while eating and drinking their way through your restaurant. Outdoor restaurant furniture must be both functional for the restaurant and comfortable for the customer. 

At The Chair Market, we provide a variety of hospitality venues with high-quality and stylish furniture, and patio seating is no exception. Do not lose out on offering your customers a wonderfully stylish place to eat outdoors. Below we’ll explore a few tips you can employ to maintain your restaurant furniture.

Quality is a Good Investment

Outdoor cafe chairs are precisely that- outdoor. Patio seating endures wind, rain, snow, and sun, which can make furniture chip, fade, and break down. Buying the cheapest commercial outdoor furniture ensures you will spend more replacing and repairing it. You do not need to go for the hyper-expensive, but a high-quality middle ground is an excellent place to start. 

Working directly with the manufacturer like The Chair Market means you can work to customize your order to fit your restaurant’s specific needs. There could also be added bonuses in store like faster shipping and more variety of seating. Your outdoor furniture will be significantly easier to maintain if you start out on the right foot- with a trustworthy supplier and quality pieces.


If your restaurant is in a cold place that gets snow, you will need to store your outdoor patio furniture for restaurants during the winter. Storage space in restaurants can be tricky, so we recommend going for stackable chairs. That way, you can vertically store your seating, and save valuable space for all of your other supplies and tools. 


Aluminum wood look seating makes for wonderful outdoor seating because, although it looks like wood, its aluminum material allows for it to be wiped down more quickly. It is also less prone to knicks and scratches and is more lightweight. If you want your outdoor seating space to have a more elegant look without having to lug around and store heavy wood chairs, then this is an excellent option for you. Woodlook seating is super easy to maintain and lasts many years. 

Outdoor Sofas and Lounge Chairs

You can still achieve the look of a lounge and a comfortable vibe without having to deal with heavy cushions that mold easily in the rain or fade quickly in the sun. Wire options like this sofa (called Tribeca) are wonderful options. Let customers enjoy their morning coffee or grab a sandwich on this stylish sofa. It is easy to wipe-down and won’t break down as outdoor upholstery can. 

When buying outdoor restaurant furniture wholesale, do not let the task be too daunting. Carefully consider these questions:

  • What is the quality of the furniture?
  • Will buying in bulk save you money?
  • Will the material fade?
  • Does it stack?

Keeping these questions in mind can ensure you easily maintain a gorgeous outdoor venue for your guests. Contact us with any questions about outdoor seating!

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