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How Wood Restaurant Chairs Can Increase Sales

Wood restaurant chairs and tables have been a staple in restaurants for a significantly long amount of time. Naturally, wood offers a sense of comfort and strength, especially when the wood is incorporated into industrial or distressed styles. Wood dining chairs andwood tables have been a favorite for much of the hospitality industry, but would you believe us if we solid wood restaurant chairs could actually increase your sales and keep your customers happy and coming back?

Comfort and Durability

First and foremost, there is not something much stronger than solid wood restaurant chairsThough commercial restaurant wood chairs possess such fine and elegant facets, they are highly durable nevertheless and can withstand general wear and tear, and well as spills and other accidents. Restaurant chairs range in style from traditional classic to the most modern and contemporary. A variety of venues will benefit from their grace; including dining rooms, restaurants, and even outdoor patios. All can rest assured that their chairs will endure and pass the test of time.

Traditional and Classic Design

Today there is a tendency to move towards cheaper and lighter seating and table options in order to save important resources. However, cheaper trendy furniture can go out of fashion quickly and can break down or show wear and tear quickly. When choosing restaurant furniture, you automatically are choosing a more traditional and classic design. From there, you can use other elements such as lighting and design, to better enhance and tell the story of your venue, all while knowing your classic wood seating and tables will endure the trends as they come and go.


An interesting alternative to traditional wood seating has emerged, that bases its foundations on the timelessness and durability of wood dining chairs. Woodlook chairshave the appearance of wood but are made from aluminum, making them a more durable and cost-effective option. In fact, metal restaurant furniture has enjoyed popularity throughout the hospitality industry, but when combined with wood look, a trend exploded. From stacking to upholstered seating, woodlook seating can come in a variety of finishes, options, and styles, and offers a lot of aesthetic range and flexibility. These chairs are a stunning, lightweight and cheaper alternative to traditional wood seating.

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The Chair Market boasts New York’s largest showroom, including wood restaurant chairs for sale. We have been selling high-quality and durable chairs and tables to the hospitality industry for nearly 40 years. As a family run business, we are unique in our ability to understand how important each and every detail of your business can be, from the finish of awood barstool to the style of a restaurant tablebase.

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