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International Restaurant & Foodservice Show Ny 2014

To say that the Chair Market’s big chair stole the show at the “International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York,” would be an understatement of epic proportions, it would seem. The event’s Facebook page alone boasts a main photo album with nearly four hundred pictures, the vast majority of which feature this immense, most intriguing chair.

Attendees were given the opportunity to sit upon this highly unusual seat, and to take pictures with its massive girth. Somewhere beyond this towering throne a show was taking place. Yet, looking at the photo album, one is almost convinced that the chair itself was the show. What is it about this unique piece of furniture that deems it so fascinating to the mind, while it utterly beckons to the body?

The fact of the matter is, people appreciate the unique, the different, the things that make you pause dead in your tracks, wide eyed and open mouthed as they blow you away and brand their permanent image upon your brain. This, however, is an age old concept that has been used and abused. So, what is it precisely, then, that the Chair Market wishes to convey?

There must be something more to this chair, a feature, perhaps, that does not meet the eye. The fact of the matter is, this most imposing chair serves as more than a mere object of fascination; it is symbolic of its manufacturer, the Chair Market. It serves as a lesson in the extraordinary, much like the Chair Market itself.

In this world of unyielding monotony, mass production, and overflowing competition, it is of great importance to tower above the rest. Let them shiver in the darkness of your monstrous shadow. That is how the chairs of the world must feel beneath the colossal bulk of the great, orange chair of the Chair Market.

That too is how all the competition must feel beneath the seat upon which the Chair Market sits tall, proud and unique. Unique in its vision, affordable pricing, remarkable collections, ability to work hand in hand with customers to engineer their perfect product, sensitivity towards the environment, and most of all, unique in a limitless collection of resplendent, affordable, quality chairs and furnishings.

Thus, having the words “The Chair” grace this great chair’s ample back, is almost redundant. For, who else in the industry could dictate the unique and amazing, the great and awesome, if not the Chair Market?

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