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Popular Types of Restaurant Table Tops for 2024

Key to any successful restaurant is its furniture. Restaurant furniture sets the tone for the design and functionality of the space, and any owner or designer will want to ensure guests feel comfortable and secure. There are a nearly endless amount of elements to think about when considering the right table tops. Understanding the size, shape, color, and the table’s versatility and function is crucial to identify which materials are best suited for you and your restaurant’s needs.

Tabletops are perhaps the highest traffic area in your restaurant. Hot plates, kids, spills, and stains are constant threats, so you will need to be sure you choose high quality and durable materials. The right table top will not only serve a practical function but also enhance the general aesthetic of your dining space. There are numerous options for restaurant table tops out there, so we’ve put together a few of our favorites.

Distressed rustic
Distressed rustic restaurant table tops add an instant feeling of vintage-cool to any space. The rustic-industrial style trend works well because it adds a mixture of textures that mix both natural and metal elements in your space. Aesthetically the distressed-rustic look adds volume and interest to the eye while practically your restaurant table tops remain durable and sustainable.

Commercial restaurant tabletops often serve many functions. In order to get the best value on table tops, try considering expandable tables. The Chair Market’s Sullenmodern wood extendable table seats up to 40 people and is able to extend from 17 3/4″ to 11’6″, which makes this table an incredibly versatile element to any restaurant space ensuring your guests will always have a place at the table. Multiuse tables and tabletops require customization and vision. We’ll help make your vision come true by using durable and quality materials.

Solid Wood
Classic restaurant and bar table tops are available in wood butcher block, laminate, or acrylic with square or round in custom or standard finishes. Solid wood stands out from the crowd thanks to its classic appearance. Our solid wood plank tops are constructed with continuous length boards that have been edge-glued to give a beautiful and cohesive grain pattern. Our wide variety of eight standard wood species and two thicknesses provides an excellent choice of wood grain, stain color, and price options.

Retro tabletops are a popular option as they lend themselves well to a diner and fast food settings. Retro table tops are made from the thick laminate top with seamless chrome plate polished finish edge which provides a watertight sanitary seal that is extremely hard and chemical resistant. These table tops can withstand high traffic use and ensure quick turnover between customers thanks to the easy-to-clean materials.

Our team is happy to discuss the right table tops and seating with you. From customized table tops to solid wood, we’ve got it and provide table tops made from the highest quality materials. Stop by our Brooklyn showroom to see our products for yourself, or browse online.

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