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What Are Banquet Chairs?

You may ask yourself, what is a banquet chair? Banquet chairs perform a very specific function within the world of hospitality furniture. These are a type of seating that can be found in country clubs, hotels, restaurants, wedding halls, and many other venues. Often, banquet seating needs to accommodate at times hundreds of people. Typically, this seating is not a permanent piece to any venue. Weddings, conferences, business events, and more will use banquet seating to host their event, and then the chairs are whisked back to the venue’s storage until the next event. 

Wholesale Seating

Buying wholesale banquet chairs is an excellent investment, especially if you need to purchase many chairs at one time. Buying direct from the manufacturer ensures you get a great deal on seating. Other options like customization may be available to you as well. At The Chair Market, our factory is located next door to our Brooklyn showroom. We welcome you to stop by and watch the process of building chairs in action! Banquet chairs wholesale may also be available for discounts and better shipping options. 

Hotel banquet chairs and restaurant banquet chairs both need to be able to accommodate large crowds of people. And what do we get with large crowds eating food? Stains, spills, and inevitable wear and tear. Look for banquet chairs with the following qualities: 

  • Strong upholstery 
  • A color to hide stains easily 
  • Stackable options
  • Make sure they’re comfortable enough to endure conference lectures or longer events 

Finding the right chairs will depend on your venue and decor. Hospitality designers know that excellent banquet seating will blend in seamlessly with the venue.

Types of Banquet Seating

There are many different types of banquet chairs. They range from the ultra-elegant to the simple and comfortable. Here’s a brief overview of the most common types:

Chivari: These are the most classic kind of banquet chairs and are adored by brides all over the world. They are lightweight and typically come in gold or silver. They are the epitome of elegance.

Aluminum Woodlook: Wood-look chairs give venue owners the option for chairs that look exactly like wood ones, except these are more lightweight and made from, you guessed it, aluminum. These chairs are more robust against knicks and scratches, and easier to wipe down.

Armchairs: Banquet seating can include chairs with or without arms. Most typically, they are without, but armchairs add extra comfort to older guests.

Elegant: Weddings, special family events, galas, and other events require fancy banquet chairs to add to the aesthetic of the event. These chairs may have intricate designs and tend to be more thin and dainty.

Casual: Not every event requires elegant seating. Expos, conferences, and business events simply need a basic chair that keeps everyone comfortable. Imagine a super elegant chair at an Orthopedic conference lecture series- it wouldn’t make sense! Think of the needs of your customers to determine the best chairs for your venue. 

At The Chair Market, we’ve been providing venues with high-quality and stylish banquet seating for over 35 years. We’re a family-run business, and we put our heart into every order. We’d love to discuss your banquet seating needs and help you determine the right chair for your specific needs. Get in touch with us today!

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