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How to Buy Outdoor Furniture for Your Hotel or Restaurant?

Outdoor Furniture

Consider Your Budget 

The first step to buying outdoor furniture for restaurants is to consider your budget. Are you able to do a major revamp of your outdoor space? Or are you looking to add a few pieces in order to spruce up your outdoor space and bring some new life into it? 

Your budget will determine where and what quantity of pieces you are able to purchase for your restaurant outdoor furniture. Commercial outdoor furniture wholesale is a great option for those on a budget. Many companies will offer discounts on wholesale seating and chairs, so it is in your best interest to explore this option. 

restaurant outdoor furniture

Work with a Designer 

Working with an experienced hospitality designer is a wonderful way to potentially save on costs and ensure your vision becomes a reality. Hospitality designers know the business, trade and contract, vendors, as well as how to combine pieces of furniture to achieve the aesthetic you want for your outdoor venue space. 

In the long run, working with a hospitality designer can actually save you money as the designer is likely to have connections and access to wholesale and commercial outdoor restaurant furniture options. It is critical that your space, both indoor and outdoor, remain with the same consistent vibe. This helps customers to recognize a sense of familiarity when they step into your space. Hopefully, they will love it so much they will continue to come back again and again. 

How to Buy Outdoor Furniture for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Include a Variety of Styles 

A great outdoor space is not merely made of tables and chairs. Some of the most beautiful and welcoming outdoor spaces include everything from low stools to lounge chairs to tables to side chairs. A variety of seating options allows you to create different spaces outside. These include:

  • Waiting area: use comfortable lounge chairs or high bar tables so guests can enjoy a cocktail while waiting to be seated 
  • Comfortable table chairs: A combination of armchairs and armless seating give you diversity and add interest for the eye 
  • Bar stools: No bar area is complete without beautiful bar stools where guests can sit and enjoy a drink or order a appetizers 

No matter how you break up your outdoor space, explore a variety of seating options. Play with colors, textures, and other features to create a visually pleasing, yet comfortable, outdoor space.

aluminum chairs

Maintenance is Important 

Outdoor furniture ensures a lot including spills, bad weather, and general wear and tear. Your outdoor seating will be exposed to harsh sun, rain, and even hail. Buying durable outdoor furniture made from materials like steel and aluminum can help to ensure the longevity of your chairs. 

Plastic chairs and metal seating tend to do better outside than upholstered chairs for obvious reasons. Plastic and metal can easily be wiped off and cleaned without making a fuss. Look into stackable outdoor seating for easy storage options.  


Where to Buy Restaurant Chairs and Hotel Furniture 

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