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Outdoor & Indoor Metal Restaurant Chairs Trends 2018

Versatility of Metal

Metal restaurant chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Restaurant metal chairs range from stainless steel frames with plastic and ceramic seat and backing, or solid steel with body support that is ergonomically shaped. The advantages of metal chairs for restaurants include extreme durability and style. Because metal seating, like metal restaurant tables and metal restaurant stools, are not more substantial than wood and wicker chairs, they are a popular alternative for indoor and outdoor seating alike.


Unique Advantage

Currently, in hospitality design, we see metal chairs that are being designed with bends and smooth contours that are impossible with natural materials like wood restaurant chairs and wicker. Metal chairs can be classic or modern in design, and make fantastic seating options for offices, waiting rooms, cafes, bars, and other restaurant venues.


The Benefits of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is genuinely stainless and can endure the elements for years without rusting. Ceramic faces are similarly resistant to corrosion and will not be defeated by changing seasons. Because they are durable and impermeable to water, they do well in a modern kitchen. Many kitchen spaces are combined with a table to form a dining room, and metal chairs beautifully fit into this multiple purposes. They are strong enough to stand on and resilient enough to withstand hot pans and spills by sauces that would be sure to stain other surfaces. Mass production also guarantees a low cost.

Strong even with repeated use

Metal patio furniture is durable and able to withstand the elements and repeated use. Strong against storms, rain, and general wear and tear, metal is seen in many patios and outdoor seating spaces. Additionally, metal chairs can be stackable making them easy to store and move.


The Chair Market has been manufacturing metal chairs and tables for over 35 years while serving two fundamental purposes: style and functionality. From stackable metal chairs to dining chairs or barstools, you will find that our inventory is always high quality and durable. Elegantly crafted and finely built with metal you will find no difficulty in capturing the unique décor of your establishment. Our seating is fully functional, durable and easy to clean, while created to handle patrons of all builds and sizes.

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