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The Epic Proportions of Metal

I must confess, I’m in love with metal. This however, is no ordinary romance. It has withstood the test of time, spanning an impressive sixteen plus years. The dedication within this relationship is staunch and unquestionable. Indeed metal fans, or head-bangers are known for their intense and undying dedication. I myself am blessed with the opportunity to belt out vocals representing my own thoughts and feelings for a semi-active (I think), melodic death metal band presently operating under the name Eulogist.

What does this broad genre of music represent and in being named as such, what does placement within its hallowed halls entail? In the words of Wikipedia heavy metal, or simply metal consists of “a thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats and overall loudness.” Well defined, but suppose you needed to be brief in your definition, would you not consider using those last two words  “overall loudness” as your abridged description of the genre?

To me that’s always what it meant, the unique feature that separates it from other genres. It thrives on volume and that does not translate into it being mere noise; a common misconception that seems to have stricken close-minded people in abundance, but rather, there is such a wonderful symphony of sounds that to truly hear the music in its entirety, you must listen at a higher decibel. This imposing wall of sound comes crashing down upon listeners with a brute force far more powerful than the combined forces of all other musical genres are capable of producing.

Metal is representative of its namesake through its sheer power, ability to cause mass destruction and tremendous durability. Items of such a nature tend to endure, deeming them nearly indestructible. This musical genre is no different; decades of slander and abuse, coupled with the increasing propensity for people to embrace pop and hip-hop music, still hasn’t been able to muster enough strength to topple this great kingdom.  Metal is strong, metal is resistant and metal is unyielding, proud, fierce.

Now metal as a material functions much the same.  It goes without saying that every massive and powerful structure erected, every last piece of machinery upon the face of the earth and pretty much anything else built to withstand, to last, is made of metal.  With that in mind, it seems almost foolish to create using any other material.

This knowledge now in tow, let us turn to a more fragile, yet more precious entity; the human body.

While infinitely amazing, our bodies are very vulnerable to potential injury. The same way we don’t take chances with our towering buildings, our modes of transportation and just about anything else pertinent to survival and the continuity of human life, we probably shouldn’t take chances with our very bodies!

Fortunately someone  a while back came to this very realization, leading him to invent the metal chair. The chair that is relentless in its support and withstands the shock of ass after ass, no matter how massive and heavy.  Only can such a chair be relied upon to provide the necessary piece of mind that you will be fully supported and never will you hit the deck bottom first. Take it from someone who has had numerous chairs just collapse and give way beneath him, who has stood up in a college classroom wearing his chair-desk combination as a skirt and yes, who has even butt-slammed a few metal ones to the ground (luckily I have banished many pounds from my frame); you want a sturdy and powerful support beneath you!

The Chair Market features an impressive and expansive collection of metal chairs built powerful and invincible by some of the best hands in the industry. Choose from amongst a wide variety of styles and colors and get a product that will last and survive whatever elements may come crashing down upon it. Come in to the Chair Factory’s showroom and bring home your own collection of head-bangers.

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