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Comfort Shmumfort: the Shunning of the Booth

To procure the perfect furniture and decor for a particular venue is indeed a science unto its own.  One must consider first and foremost what purpose the locale is to serve and to what extent it is to do so. While every setting, every room, is unique and possesses its own features and design, there are nevertheless certain staples to be inevitably found there based on the function of that specific area. While others, simply will not do and tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

For example, the discovery of a recliner at an office desk would almost be laughable. Similarly, a stiff, straight-backed, wooden chair may seem out of place as the sole source of seating in one’s living room. In short; there are some rooms that serve purposes of business, while others are to be suited for pleasure or comfort.

With that in mind, one would think that most of us, through the use of simple logical deduction, should be on the same page as to what sort of room requires what sort of seating. Yet, it seems that one particular type of venue, that perhaps should be more inclined towards pleasure, towards comfort, more often than not will feature seating of a businesslike atmosphere. When in fact, the patrons of such establishments would relish the opportunity to be seated more comfortably.

It is true that eating is a necessary component of our survival and as such, may be viewed as a more businesslike, mechanical act. However, dining out and eating food that we truly enjoy, together with those we are closest with, would in fact constitute a pleasurable experience. One in which we tend to linger, savoring the experience and taking our time while enjoying it  to the fullest extent possible. Thus, would it not make sense for the seating in such venues to be comfortable, to be supportive of those looking to settle in and enjoy their meal?

That having been asked, it seems somewhat surprising, that more restaurants, cafes and other such eateries don’t take advantage of the availability of seating that provides far superior comfort than typical chairs. The fact of the matter is, though, booth seating does provide a lot more comfort than a mere chair ever can. While you do see booths in the occasional restaurant, it’s somewhat surprising that they are not more prevalent, not only in public establishments but in the privacy of residential kitchens.  Where else can one hope to find comfort if not in the privacy of their own home?

The Chair Market not only has a dazzling collection of extremely comfortable and stylish booths at factory direct prices, but will even custom make them to your specifications; in order to perfectly complement the style and decor of your restaurant or kitchen, at  very affordable rates.

Today, we are all about comfort, every technological advancement, invention and improvement is geared towards making our lives more convenient and easy. Why then should the ancient practice of eating be any different?

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