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Too Cool for School

As we continue to travel down the path of life and gaze into the rear-view mirror, we see the dazzling, sun-bathed greens of summer fading into the distance. Indeed October has arrived and with it roams certain imminent realities.

The deep, rich green foliage that bloomed gracefully throughout summer, will soon experience a stunning modification and shroud our world in a brilliant collage of reds, yellows and oranges. Simultaneously, the blazing heat and nearly intolerable humidity that comes intertwined with the season, will slowly drift away ushering in the refreshing, crisp air of autumn.

With October the baseball season comes to a climactic close, while the football season fully rises into prominence. We slowly begin to acknowledge, at this juncture of the year, the inevitable, rude arrival of the coming winter. Such are some of the realities we become acquainted with annually at this time; minor and aesthetic topographical changes whizzing by the window as we steer our way down this long road.

As adults that is indeed the enduring effect that summer’s demise has upon us. Life goes on with its signature monotony as we almost blindly trudge through our daily routines. Think back, however, to childhood and those precious, youthful days when this particular point in time followed perhaps the greatest lifestyle alteration of the year.

Almost mournfully we would bid farewell to the summer and with mounting dread, brace ourselves for the unthinkable horror known as the school year. If childhood were a pie, the biggest piece would unquestionably represent school. So much of our time and general effort back then was dedicated to school, this pursuit of education that so many of us utterly despised when we were very young. Until we matured to the extent that we appreciated the value of our education, it remained to us some grotesque and irksome burden that we craved to unload.

While children will always be children and we can’t hope to change their way of thinking, the very least we can do is try to make the experience as pleasant and comfortable for them as possible. We can’t discard the concept of a classroom, but we can make it more appealing, more inviting.

The Chair Market features a fine collection of school chairs. They are built to maximize comfort and are available in a variety of fun and exciting colors. No one can make a child love school, but getting them to want to sit down in the classroom is a tremendous start.

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