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Embracing the Holiday “chair”

We are currently in the midst of the holiday season, a truly special and unique time of the year. The months rush by in a blur of challenges, responsibilities and monotonous necessities. Rarely do we have the opportunity to sit back, relaxand appreciate the beauty and blessings in our life.

Thankfully this magical and wondrous season arrives each year. Everything slows down and we get to catch our breath as we kick back, open our eyes and observe the stunning scenes of a world we so rarely glimpse. At last we may congregate with those we hold most dear; our families and friends, as we feast, rekindle our relationships and create a merry atmosphere that we hope will carry on through the coming year.

Outside the snow falls silently and shrouds the world in a soft, cozy embrace. The air is brisk, the ground and trees frozen, but inside it is warm and soothing, fueled by the flames of affection and love.

For just a little while the elements of brutality and harshness associated with our reality are discarded; as our focus is shifted to rest solely upon the positives for which we possess an infinite supply of gratitude.

We join together with our beloved at the dinner table as the most delightful aromas drift through the air. Outside the window the sun slowly fades and the temperature steadily descends, but inside the warmth grows more powerful. Everyone around the table smiles, savoring the moment as they contemplate the fact that this is what life is truly about; not the hideous rat-race to which they will all soon return.

The Chair Market appreciates the importance of the holidays and the need to spend quality time with those we hold most dear. Thus, we offer a tremendous selection of home dining chairs and tables, in a variety of makes, finishes, styles and colors. Each of our families are unique and our homes should reflect that.

One thing we all hope is that we may get together on the holidays for many years to come and thankfully all of the Chair Market’s dining furniture is built to handle just that. Happy holidays from the Chair Market.

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