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Feasting in Elegance: 10 of Our Favorite European Crafted Dining Chairs

As Americans we cannot deny that there’s a cultural fascination that borders on worship or maybe even obsession when it comes to high-quality European design and craftsmanship. From clothing and accessories to cars, we’re always admiring those most refined and often most costly products from across the Atlantic Ocean. 

We rave about the exquisite little details, the unbelievable durability, or the sheer value, and say things like “They just don’t make ‘em the same way here,” or “That’s European craftsmanship for you.” And this is how things have been for as far back as most of us can remember. 

Well, perhaps there’s something to that, because when it comes to restaurant chairs and furniture, there’s no denying that there is something distinctive, something truly special, and truly valuable about European made furniture

The Chair Market, as great admirers of the high-quality craftsmanship, design, and sheer beauty of elegant European furniture, have designed and amassed quite an impressive collection of our own, right here in our spectacular Brooklyn showroom. 

This exquisite collection of commercial seating is ever-expanding, improving, and impressing, resulting in the need for us to open a second showroom (the first already being the biggest furniture showroom on the east coast) just for this particularly graceful collection of the finest wholesale restaurant furniture. 

Following are ten of our favorite European cafe and dining chairs from among this vast and utterly stunning collection. 

Fortune Dining Chair

The Fortune is a distinctively trendy, stackable plastic dining chair with an inspired, artistic design. In addition to its modern, fashionable flair, this chair is constructed for true durability, upon solid steel legs.              

Baer Lounge Chair

The Baer fully upholstered lounge chair is built upon a formidable and fashionable, yet unbelievably minimalist metal base. It is crowned by a plush and luxurious armed seat that embraces both vintage and contemporary design elements.

Class Oh Upholstered Dining Chair

A distinctively chic design highlights this contemporary and versatile, upholstered wood chair. Placed in any modern, fashionable setting, the chair will inevitably draw much attention and admiration.    

Class Hug Front Upholstered Chair

This upholstered wood dining chair features a sharply curved, almost semi-circular seat-back which incorporates not only a touch of style into the chair’s design, but an embracing comfort as well.


Agata Armchair

This fully upholstered armchair boasts plush and generous cushioning for enduring comfort. Its exposed, sleek wooden trim will inevitably incorporate a modern sophistication into any room.

Alan Armchair

The distinguished Alan is a luxurious, fully upholstered wooden armchair constructed with durability, comfort, and beauty equally in mind. Its impressive versatility is enough to quite literally inspire surrounding decor schemes on its own.

Alec Wood Chair

The Alec wood dining chair is designed with a distinctively modern, geometric shape. Its minimalist structure  is deceptive in its simplicity, as the chair is amazingly durable, luxurious, and almost shockingly tasteful among any fashionable setting.                                             

The Ametista

The impressive Ametista dining chair is constructed of alluring, solid beech wood with an immaculately upholstered seat and chair back. Its simplistic yet fashionable design, wonderful versatility, and general charm, make it a quintessential piece for almost any setting.   

The Batia

The Batia side chair is constructed of enduring, solid beech wood. It features an eye-catching and trendy design that is bound to draw widespread admiration; with a sleek, circular seat and distinguished, slatted chair-back.

Daffodil Armchair

The dashing Daffodil armchair is meticulously crafted from solid, durable beech wood, with a plush and inviting, upholstered seat. A contemporary yet rustic design ensures that this upholstered wood chair is as versatile as it is magnificent.     

So, here’s the bottom line; if you’re looking for the careful, detailed craftsmanship and unparalleled quality of European made furniture in Brooklyn, you would be foolish to not visit our showroom, where the options are fabulous, endless, and though you wouldn’t know it from looking, affordable as well. 

From European cafe chairs to bar stools or any other wholesale restaurant furniture and commercial seating options, The Chair Market is the unequivocal master of magnificent, European crafted furniture, and we are rapidly building our inventory and selection by the day, so check in with us again for further updates.

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