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How to Choose the Ideal Commercial Bar Stools

Whether searching for commercial restaurant chairs or bar stools, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. However, when it comes to restaurant bar stools in particular, much precision and careful planning needs to be implemented if the decision is going to prove to be fruitful. Failing to do so could have unnecessarily disastrous results, and who in their right mind wants that for their own business? 

So, should you find yourself in the market for restaurant bar stools wholesale, besides simply looking to the ultimate market which houses the east coast’s largest furniture showroom, The Chair Market, for incomparable quality, expertise, and affordability, it would also be prudent to first follow these logical considerations in order to ensure that

Commercial Bar Stools Dimensions

From the general dining or bar area and table tops to your actual commercial restaurant chairs and bar stools, everything must be meticulously measured to ensure both optimal comfort and efficiency for your establishment. 

And if you are going to retain customers for extended periods of time, the commercial restaurant bar stools themselves need to fit properly beneath the table or bar, providing enough legroom for patrons of all proportions. 

Additionally, the space between each stool must be comfortable and accommodating enough to provide ample arm and maneuverability room for everyone. An overcrowded, over-seated restaurant or bar, even if it features the most exquisite and luxurious commercial bar stools that have ever been for sale, will inevitably destroy your ambiance and turn away potential customers. What an avoidable waste that would be. 

Comfortable Seat

Yes, this one seems almost ridiculously obvious, however, it’s quite easy to become so enthralled by the aesthetics and style of particular bar stools for sale here in NYC, especially in a place as exquisitely stocked as The Chair Market, that it may not even occur to managers and restaurateurs to thoroughly test and ensure that stools are also comfortable enough to keep customers in their seats, eating, drinking, and most of all, enjoying themselves.


If comfort is a necessity, how can durability not be? No patron on the planet will consider any seat to be comfortable from the floor after a leg randomly snaps off of it, nor if it’s creaking, cracking, leaning or swaying. 

Furthermore, as proprietors or managers in a struggling economy, nobody wants to have to search for new restaurant bar stools wholesale every few months; you want and you deserve to get that massive bang for your buck.

Added Features

At its most basic and minimalist, a bar stool comes nowhere close to providing the comfort of a regular chair, however, there are many stunning, commercial bar stools for sale designed with some of the additional luxuries and comforts of traditional chairs, as is more than evident in our own showroom. 

Whether swivel capabilities, arms, an accommodating footrest, or just a backrest; these features promote socializing and enduring dining experiences from which people are not eagerly seeking to stand up and escape. As opposed to those hard and awful stools that leave your arms and legs dangling, your back contorted, and your bottom sore.    

Decor Scheme
Finally, when on the prowl for bar stools for sale in NYC, neglecting to carefully ensure that your stools not only don’t clash with your decor, colors, ambiance, and pattern schemes, but actually serve to pull it all together in a distinctive, beautiful, and unparalleled manner that can only be your cafe, your establishment, your restaurant, or your bar.  

More often than not, doing so requires that all furniture is custom built and designed for your unique aesthetics and themes. And thankfully, The Chair Market is infamous for its endless, refined options of fabrics, upholstery, and finishes masterfully applied to suit each and every restaurant with absolute, flawless perfection.  

Come visit our spectacular Brooklyn showroom for all of your restaurant, cafe, bar, hospitality, hotel, country club, and even residential seating needs. From dining side chairs and armchairs to elegant sofas, bar stools, and luxurious lounge chairs, The Chair Market has precisely what you are dreaming of. In the meantime, check out our vast and thoroughly impressive collection of stools.


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