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How to Choose the Ideal Wholesale Restaurant Furniture: the Discerning Buyer’s Guide

The furniture and decor of any respectable establishment in the restaurant industry is of such paramount importance, that some would even argue that it may actually rival the quality of the food itself.

While that might be a stretch, and frankly, quite ridiculous too, there is absolutely no debating the fact that your choice of wholesale restaurant furniture is an integral part of your establishment, as well as how it’s perceived by your target market.

With this in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of preparing a helpful guide for the intelligent, dedicated, and efficient restaurateur who will settle for nothing less than the commercial restaurant furniture that was destined to grace their establishment and effectively breathe life, soul, and success into its very walls.

Brand Identity

Firstly, it is of the utmost importance to consider your actual brand and its identity, its uniqueness, its individuality, and what you are truly intending to create and portray through your establishment. Different types of environments, of course, require different approaches. A classy, fine-dining venue, for example, may procure its restaurant chairs wholesale from the very same furniture factory where the fast-paced, laid-back joint next door purchases theirs. However, the former would be wise to choose something a little more delicate and elegant, whereas the latter, perhaps, should focus upon utilitarian value and endurance when pursuing their quintessential restaurant furniture for wholesale purchase.

Another key consideration, perhaps of greater importance now than ever before, since the Pandemic has permanently altered the dining industry in the United States and presumably beyond, is outdoor restaurant furniture, which has become increasingly available for wholesale purchase as a result of the current outdoor dining “phenomenon.” Whether a requirement or not, many restaurants now offer the possibility as a safer and oftentimes more pleasant dining alternative, purely because of demand and convenience.


Furthermore, considering the fact that many experts are predicting that outdoor dining may be here to stay, at least in some locations, it would be prudent to contemplate procuring more versatile options, perhaps ones that can accommodate both indoor and outdoor dining.

Additionally, when it comes to outdoor restaurant furniture wholesale purchasing in places like New York or Florida specifically, where the weather can be unpredictable and extreme; from epic, flooding downpours, to scorching summer heat in just moments, as well as a suffocating humidity that can actually cause physical, structural damage; durability and weather resistance are of unquestionable importance. Not to mention the fact that those unreasonable New York throngs, or the rambunctious crowds in a city like Miami that is so deeply steeped in party culture and entertainment, are in themselves significant threats to poor quality, transient, commercial restaurant furniture.


Another crucial assessment that should be applied to any search for restaurant chairs and tables from the wholesale arena, is the proper and precise measurement of the dining area. Whether inside or outside, it must be able to accommodate not just chairs and tables, but human beings who wish to enjoy a meal in comfort, without bumping elbows with their buddies, or glancing up in paranoia and disgust every time a guest at a table that’s nearly converged with their own, obnoxiously expels an open-mouthed cough or belch.

In this particular respect, it is absolutely imperative to apply diligence, to be thorough, and to have the precise measurements of each chair and table in addition to the dining area itself, while still allowing for approximately one foot of space between every patron, which, at the very least, is a substantial improvement from the dreaded six feet that we’ve grown accustomed to.

Last but certainly not least, to acquire the finest quality restaurant furniture, it goes without saying that seeking out the finest restaurant furniture factory or wholesaler seems like the obvious, lighted path for doing so.

The Chair Market, for nearly forty years now, has valued and embraced the savvy restaurateur, consistently delving into the process in order to help determine, absolutely and unequivocally, the individualized furniture and scheme that is destined to help create something extraordinarily special, something unique, to allow your venue to flourish for many years to come.

From the very beginning stages of the manufacturing process until our furniture finally graces the floors of your establishment, The Chair Market employs an unwavering dedication to the finest quality, durable and affordable dining tables and seating, exquisitely complemented by an unparalleled capacity to conjure the very spirit, the very atmosphere, that is necessary for each venue’s continued success.

Take the next step towards your dream venue and entrepreneurial aspirations by visiting one of the Chair Market’s restaurant furniture showrooms in New York or Florida, and let our expertise and mastery of the industry help guide you to success.

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