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Red, White, & You

Today, we as a nation celebrate the procurement of our independence, our freedom, from the imperial rule of the British monarchy, which of course occurred on July 4th, 1776. On this day our nation was born and for the first time recognized as an independent country. We haven’t looked back since, as our nation has continued with persistence to build up strength militarily, economically, culturally, and every which way conceivable.

Indeed, we are truly blessed to be citizens of this glorious nation, an absolute paradigm of a Utopian principality. The list of benefits and features that make this country so special and so beloved is utterly infinite. Yet, perhaps our most treasured and endearing principle, one that we so fiercely embrace and put our faith into, is the notion of freedom. A more precious gift I cannot even fathom.

For so many of us, the mere term conjures images of the United States, for it is the very foundation upon which this nation was erected. Freedom entails not just our right to speak, think and feel as we wish, but it is the key that opens the door to our individuality. It permits us to portray ourselves as we alone choose, to be who we truly are, to be unique, to be individuals even though we are cut from the same red, white and blue cloth. That is what so many people see when looking at the United States; a collection of people from so many different religious, racial and cultural backgrounds all given the ability to proudly flaunt our singularity.

When looking around us, the evidence is blatantly clear that we indeed love to parade our individuality. From our clothing to our hairstyles, posters, bumper stickers,  careers, hobbies, and even our homes, we love to announce to the world “this is who I am and I’m proud of it.” That is what freedom means to Americans.

The Chair Market recognizes and even encourages individuality, embracing the notion of freedom to the fullest extent. That is why it proudly invites you in to not only choose from from among hundreds of thousands of products to find the ones that most represent who you are and what you stand for and love, but we even take it a step further by providing you the opportunity to dictate the parameters of decor exactly how you would want it, and then manufacture it on premises just for you . Happy Fourth!

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