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Showroom What You’re Made of


Whether you consider it to be a beautiful dream or a tormenting nightmare; remote employment is likely here to stay. For many, this reality means spending an unprecedented amount of time in the house among furnishings that we detest increasingly, as their numerous flaws that used to fly beneath our radar begin to manifest. 

 For some of us, this can be said not only in reference to our in-home furniture but our at-home partners, spouses, or roommates, as well. That may be slightly beyond our field of expertise, though, sorry folks.

 However, please be absolutely certain, and first consider the fact that we may merely be suffering from a case of irritable house and home furniture syndrome. Think of it as a more sinister, enduring version of being “hangry.”

 Even the most brilliant minds in the field still struggle to define it precisely, to pinpoint its origins, and most of all, to cure it. They are truly baffled by its unhindered ability to spread like wildfire. Meanwhile, the curbside is piled high with endless discarded home furnishings judged guilty and sentenced cruelly to exile.

Like evil monarchs or dictators we started exhibiting our symptoms, coldly handing out these terrible decrees. 

 First the plastic kitchen chairs had to go, on account of that intolerable scraping sound they created every time someone sat, stood, or even brushed past it. Next, it was the armchair that farted up a storm with any subtle body movement, then the wooden dining room chairs that groaned and creaked with every lift of your fork, threatening to collapse entirely at any given moment. 

 Then, of course, there are those fraying almost decaying swivel chairs for your home office, with their rock-solid, butt numbing seats, faulty spin and lift mechanisms, and randomly placed “arms;” we despise those like the electric chair, though, don’t we? They are the absolute worst of the worst, and pretty much disposable after a few height adjustments anyway. 

 That right there, is really the ultimate symptom of our condition, finally prompting us to take action after years of home or living space and furniture regret.

 Working in your own home atmosphere should never have been like that; it should’ve been a cure to a condition, not a precursor to one. This is an environment that we can control and design, free of all the offensive sounds, scents, sights, and discomforts of the office, and just awaiting our own distinctive molding. No wonder why studies across the board seem to indicate that employees are significantly more productive when working remotely.

 This concept may seem overwhelming to some at first. But, believe it or not, thanks to The Chair Market in Brooklyn, you’re actually ready to stand up to your condition, say “enough is enough,” and finally ditch the classic, dreary office chairs. The same goes for those ancient bedroom accent chairs piling up with laundry, and perhaps even that favorite, raggedy lounge chair with your permanent, slumbering indentation embedded into its plush fabric. And all the other creaking, cracking, sounding like crapping, scraping, scratching, or just hideously fashioned, furniture in your house; out with them!

A Brand New Collection of Furniture

 You see, The Chair Market recognizes, now more than ever, that modern home office and living furniture are the future furnishings of the business world. And it is in that spirit that we introduce our exquisite new home collection; an entirely European crafted, furniture for the home collection

We believe that you deserve to work in pure comfort, whatever that may mean to you. From among the collection’s numerous chairs for the home, you are bound to find not only your new home office chair, but vastly improved replacements for all those irritating furniture pieces that have overstayed their welcome in your house.

Yet Another Chair Market Showroom!

 So, come on down to our well-established, Brooklyn showroom; already the largest chair and bar stool showroom on the east coast, and take a look, have a seat, and explore the infinite home and work possibilities in our additional, brand new showroom dedicated entirely to this elegant new house furniture collection. Consider it to be a walk-in clinic to cure your irritable house and home furniture syndrome.

 When it comes to the necessary replacement of our failing in-home furniture among which we must work and live daily, whether living room or dining chairs, home office furniture, or even your favorite easy chair; a truly effective, home furnishings “treatment” awaits at the Chair Market. We’ve already mastered restaurant, banquet, hotel, and hospitality chairs, now it’s time to reinvent home furniture.


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