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The Fading Light of Summer

As the sun’s rays dwindle slowly and the shadows of late afternoon creep deeper into the light, an almost palpable dread seems to be drifting about. For so many of us, the passage of Labor Day means the end of summer. Those warm, almost perfect days when everything and anything seems possible, will slowly fade into shorter, darker, and colder days, when everything and anything seems  improbable.  

There is a certain intangible preciousness to the world during the reign of summer. A feel, a spirit perhaps, that accompanies the warmth and beauty of the season. Though we are indeed adults and as such, most of us are still knee deep in the muck of a daily work schedule, we long, nevertheless, so much more so than the rest of the year, to just break the shackles and run free through the world outside.

The page will soon be turned upon this day. The precise content of the book’s ensuing pages may not yet be revealed to us, but we know all too well where this story is going. To quote a popular television show and spectacular series of books, “Winter is Coming.”

Our dreams and aspirations may soon be buried beneath mounds of cold and unforgiving snow. Our enthusiasm and capacity for joy, shivering fireside, wrapped in heavy cloaks. We need not succumb, though, and cower in the imposing shadow of winter.  It doesn’t need to end that way; the future should look bright and beautiful even if it now looks dark and bleak.

One way to stave off this infectious apprehension is to deny its power over us. We must come face to face with its cold, icy stare, bearing the load of our failed, summer dreams and goals, then march straight into it holding our heads up high. Thus, we topple this imposing monolith stretching skywards in the midst of our path and clear the way for the caressing warmth of the sun’s rays to penetrate the harsh cold of winter.

Another way to eradicate the blues of winter, is by looking ahead to next summer and devising a strategy to ensure that it will be even greater and more beloved to us than the one to which we are bidding farewell. We can thoroughly prepare ourselves to enjoy the coming summer and to never loosen our grip upon that first warm embrace.

The true pleasure of the season’s warmth is the ability to connect with nature and spend much time in its midst instead of hiding away from it within the confines of our homes.

The Chair Market understands this love for summer, and they understand that while it fades in time, it lives eternal in our dreams and memories.  Opportunity for this summer may now lie in smoldering ruin, however, the blueprint for next year is in the process of creation.

Thus, for the next week the Chair Market will be having a super sale, where outdoor and patio furniture are featured often at wholesale and clearance prices. While the window may be closing on this summer, it has just been opened a crack on next year’s.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity, and ensure that this coming summer  is one that will live on forever.

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