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The Intangibility of the Nocturnal Chair

The night is black and mysterious. There is this vague sense of evil intertwined with adventure. When the sun sets it’s as if it awakens within us a dark side that lies in slumber through the duration of daylight.

When evening commences the places we patronize, the activities we partake in, change as well to satiate this freshly awakened being.  We seek to feed our darker passions after dedicating the day to the necessities of our existence.  Relentlessly, we pursue adventure, excitement and love.

  Such is the nature of the nocturnal individual that is an integral component of who we are.
  Therefore, to accommodate this person we become at night, the decor and furniture of the establishments we visit must reflect who we are right then and there. Chairs in particular must be sleek, comfortable and most importantly unique.
  The Chair Market features a fascinating collection of nightclub chairs. Each is extremely stylish, fun and so embracing that you won’t want to get up until the break of day. All chairs are built to last night after night, memory after memory.
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