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The Throne of the Divine

There is perhaps nothing more symbolic and indicative of triumph, of success, than its portrayal in terms of height. You are on top of the world after having climbed the highest of ladders to the summit, as the world seems to fade into oblivion beneath you. Indeed, an accomplished individual has to work his way from the bottom up. 

For such clientele a special kind of chair is required. What is his throne, if not the loftiest, the highest of seats? It must represent the pinnacle of societal and economical success; standing tall, proud and above the rest while serving as a veritable lesson in endurance and strength.

The bar stool exemplifies this individual. It is a titan, a giant looming large and graceful. This utter skyscraper amongst chairs is the throne for the successful. Call it the chair of divinity; stretching far into the clouds towards the heavens. Seated upon it is a king perched up high above his realm, living large and statuesque upon his pedestal.

The bar stool has endured for centuries, gracing the interiors of taverns, bars and pubs throughout the planet like works of art; an utterly permanent fixture of the night scene. The Chair Market understands the importance of this unique décor, what it symbolizes and the crucial need for its indestructability. Thus, they have a tremendous line of bar stools composed of a variety of quality materials in a wide range of styles. Choose from; wood, metal, plastic, aluminum, bentwood, wicker, backless, fully upholstered and low-built bar stools. Yet, despite this colossal variety, The Chair Market’s bar stools do share one common feature; they are built high, strong and sturdy in order to represent those who sit upon them.

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