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Adopting a New Year’s Revolution

The eve of the new year has come and gone. Since that crucial point in time, many people throughout the world have been deeply entrenched in contemplation as the past year’s failures, mistakes and shortcomings flash morbidly through our minds. As reality sets in we recall the promise, the optimism of a year ago when we accepted upon ourselves certain resolutions that we hoped and prayed would greatly enhance our quality of life and perhaps even deem us better people over the course of the coming year. Well, here we are; another year has passed us by and behold, life remains virtually indistinguishable, utterly unscathed by the scorch of our burning desires.

  We are all too familiar with the monotony of this relentless process. Like some kind of hallowed ritual we feel this sense of obligation towards our existence; an insatiable need to reach skyward for our dreams, many of which we cannot even wish to graze. There is something beautiful about wanting to mend the rips and holes in our lives, to be better individuals, to live life at a higher level, a higher quality.

Indeed it would be a truly fascinating experience to witness the mass cleansing of all our faults and blunders; to be able to enter the coming year with the innocence and purity of angels, coupled with the staunch, unwavering confidence of royalty. However, logic will dictate the impossibility of such a feat, while the human experience, much to our collective dismay, will ensure us failure is to be expected.

However, what we can do is put forth our very best effort, while narrowing down our endeavors to those that are achievable and absolutely imperative upon our journey towards being better people and enjoying a better life.

Furthermore, it has been said that a change of location may be instrumental in acquiring a change of luck and perhaps ushering in various other positive changes. The underlying notion here being that in becoming too settled and at home in a particular location or setting, we become overly comfortable and thus we develop the general tendency towards stagnating rather than seeking to move forward.

Perhaps though, we need not go so far as to pull our feet out of the muck and seek out new ground. What if we merely change certain features within our present setting?  Thus we create the illusion and mimic the effect of a whole new environment. In doing so, can we not legitimately anticipate the very same results that a complete migration would yield?

Let us then make this coming year one of success and progress. Let us beautify our surroundings and get the ball of change rolling. The Chair Market offers a tremendous variety of chairs and tables, thereby ensuring that you will find the ideal decor for your home or business that will be so unique, fresh and personalized to your taste, that you will indeed feel as if you have settled into a new location. Then we can turn around and embrace this new year and all the great changes soon to come with it. Have a happy and successful new year!

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