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Best Commercial Patio Furniture Design Tips 2018

Summer is here and nearly in full swing, which means restaurant goers head outdoors. There’s nothing quite like a cool beer on a warm summer evening, or a romantic outdoors meal on a beautiful restaurant patio. Whatever your outdoor dining situation may be, you want to ensure your customers do not lose out on the comfort that is available to them indoors. Weather also plays an important factor when choosing commercial outdoor patio furniture, as you want your outdoor restaurant seating to be both stylish and comfortable.


wicker sofa


Wholesale patio furniture is available in many different styles from the ultra-modern to the classic traditionalist. Outdoor restaurant seating can come in metal, plastic, wicker and other materials, and the end design ultimately depends on what kind of atmosphere and functions the furniture needs to serve. The Chair Market provides excellent and attractive pricing options for wholesale and bulk orders, and our team will work tirelessly to ensure your project finishes not only on time but also on budget. With our experience and expansive inventory, you are sure to find the missing pieces for your space.


The Comfort of Wicker

Wicker seating is an excellent option for venues seeking to provide customers with a comfortable and timeless look. Because wicker is most often synonymous with big comfy cushions, this is a great option for lounge areas where you want guests to come, relax, and have a few drinks.  The Chair Market offers a variety of wicker sofas, armchairstables, and more. All are available at wholesale patio furniture costs so you can benefit from style, cost, and quality.



Teak seating is another popular trend for many outdoor dining spaces. These chairs are known for their durability without sacrificing style. Modern commercial outdoor furniture has always favored toward teak lounge chairs, but armchairs, side tables, and tables are all readily available. Because of its diversity in style, size, and design, teak outdoor seating allows you to fully furnish your outdoor seating space will maintaining a consistent design aesthetic. Best of all, teak seating is durable to many weather elements, especially water and sun.

Trends in Outdoor Seating

The Chair Market has been selling outdoor furniture to cafes, hotels, restaurants, country clubs and other venues for nearly 40 years. We can work with your design team or yourself to help you find the perfect furniture that will be an extension of your space philosophy and brand. Our main advantage is our huge Brooklyn showroom where you can come see and feel the furniture for yourself. If you’re located out of state, our expert sales team will guide you through the selection process from upholstery to delivery.

We’re Your Partner, From Start to Finish

Our main goal is to ensure you benefit from nicely made and beautifully designed armchairs, chairs, outdoor sofas, lounges, and other pieces so that your guests will always leave your outdoor space feeling comfortable, happy and relaxed. It’s never too late to revamp or re-invent your outdoor dining space. Call us, email us, or simply stop by our showroom. Our Brooklyn based team can’t wait to help you get started furnishing your space.

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