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Choose Appropriate Restaurant Table Tops and Bases

Restaurant Table TopsWhen opening a venue space, even the smallest detail contributes to the space’s overall ambiance, tone, and character. Every piece of furniture in a cafe or restaurant helps to tell the story of a brand, and all pieces from the bar top to the tablebases must work to both serve a function, as well as serve your aesthetic requirements. Restaurant table tops and restaurant table bases serve as the foundation of a restaurant space as they are the tool with which customers can enjoy your food. A weak or wobbly table can be annoying or uncomfortable, so you want these foundational pieces to be durable, long lasting, and easily cleaned. Luckily, finding the right restaurant tables and bases not only is possible but also can be an affordable venture.

Commercial Tables

Any commercial designer or restaurant owner knows that buying in bulk translates to significant savings. If an order arrives from the manufacturer overseas, you need to take into consideration lead time, shipping, and delivery. These factors can cause significant delays, especially if your order is custom and has a 3 or more month lead time. Buying commercial table bases and commercial table tops in bulk mean that you will have extra stock to leverage if your venue needs extra seating, or if the inevitable wear and tear requires repairs on existing furniture.

Class Extended Wood Restaurant Table

How to Save on Restaurant Tables

Restaurant furniture costs can range and are dependent on which fabrics and materials are chosen. Today, most online restaurant furniture dealers are just that… online. Their stores exist only on the internet, and they work through drop shipping or other methods once purchases are made. When choosing tabletops for your restaurant, it’s important to consider working with a local company. Local businesses are invested in the same community, and often are willing to offer sizable discounts to compete with their online counterparts. However, what truly separates a local furniture business is that designers and restaurant owners alike can visit their brick and mortar store to touch and try out the furniture first hand. When picking tables for your restaurant, this can make all the difference in assuring you will be happy with the final product.

How to Navigate Through the Choices

Wholesale tables come in a variety of options in terms of table tops, table bases, materials and styles and navigating which tabletops andtablebases are perfect for your restaurant is no easy task. You need to take for consideration your venue’s space, decor, and vibe, as well as the overall message that your brand wishes to tell. Tabletops are typically available in wood butcher block, laminate, or acrylic, as well as are available in square or round in custom or standard finishes. It’s of the utmost importance your tabletops are made from quality material, so they will be sure to withstand high traffic and repeated daily use.

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