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The Little Chairs That “can”

One of the many marvelous and unique collections that the Chair Market features is the Can Collection. In all probability, this grouping has been categorized as such as a result of the fact that each chair is forged from a solitary mass of metal (in this case steel), much like the ever familiar “cans” traditionally used for the storage and preservation of food and other such perishables. When dropped onto solid ground, or rapped upon with the knuckles, the resulting sound will closely resemble an empty can identically treated. 

   Well, thus explained, the reasoning seems pretty straight-forward and rather elementary. The chosen name for this collection certainly makes clear and logical sense, deeming it a basic enough explanation for the general public comprehension. However, just for the sake of it, let us more closely analyze the word “can” and its various usages and definitions, perhaps we will make the serendipitous discovery that the connections between the collection and the word itself in fact encompass more than just material composition.

We’ve already approached “can” as a noun, referring to the infamous object we all see on a regular basis, and that is seemingly the “can” referred to in the name “The Can Collection;” the physical, tangible, generally metal, can.

Can is also a verb with a definition that in no way resembles its noun counterpart. As a verb, the word “can” most often has a positive and optimistic connotation. Firstly, it is used as a permissive word by granting either the right or ability to pursue or acquire something desired. For example, “You CAN go to the kitchen and grab a drink.” Similarly, in verb form, “can” may refer to one’s capabilities and the extensiveness to which they can be used. An example; “He CAN outrun anyone I know.”

Lastly, “can” is often used as a slang term, particularly when referring to prison, toilets, and job retention. One gets thrown in the can after having committed certain crimes, sits on the can when they have an upset stomach, and gets canned after their mistakes at the office begin to mount. However, since these are not true meanings of the word “can,” and regardless; these meanings are generally negative in nature, and we can confidently rule out the possibility that they, in any way, impact or relate to the Can Collection.

Thus, we are left solely in contemplation of the verb form of “can” in our effort to analyze and subsequently discover the possibility of it appropriately describing the nature and quality of the collection with which it shares a name. And it operates as follows:

This collection is unique regarding the fact that it can be placed in almost any setting, be it commercial or residential, and blend right in with the surrounding decor and circumstances. Hence, it is referred to as the “can collection” because wherever and whenever the environment, ultimately, when the question arises as to whether or not the chairs are appropriate and could they in fact be placed in that particular location, the answer is invariably that they indeed CAN. We’ve all heard of “the little engine that could,” these are the little chairs that can. Furthermore, the contents of this collection are available in such an array of brilliant colors, that when you request of us to manufacture them in your favorite color, we will inevitably respond that “we sure CAN,” because the fact of the matter is, these are “the little chairs that can.”

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