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How to Select the Right Restaurant Chairs and Tables?

When it comes to the crucial task of selecting and procuring the ultimate commercial dining chairs and tables for your particular venue, there are a few extremely important factors to consider. 

While it may be tempting for some busier or less-involved restaurateurs to simply search for any attractive, affordable set of restaurant tables and chairs for sale, and purchase them, such a decision will likely prove to be a significant mistake.

Commercial chairs and tables as well as the spaces that they adorn must be meticulously planned and designed if they are going to truly help you achieve success. 

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when re-imagining and recreating your vision for your restaurant or bistro chairs and tables.


First and foremost, this undertaking should not be a stressful, regrettable one, and it is therefore absolutely imperative that you find tables and restaurant chairs for sale that comfortably meet your budget. 

Thankfully, there are magnificent places out there, like ours, The Chair Market, and we not only proudly welcome you to visit our Florida or Brooklyn showrooms, the latter of which is the largest of its kind on the east coast, but invite you to personally explore all of our endless, affordable options of pure luxury and high-quality craftsmanship.

Style and Theme

With that chief concern no longer a burden and source of worry, you can now focus on some of the more pleasant, even fun, aspects of the business, mainly, the unique style and theme of your particular establishment.

Whatever it is that you hope to achieve with the style, theme, design, and general aesthetic of your restaurant or hall needs to be reflected in and enhanced by the commercial dining chairs and tables that they house. This goes without saying.

For some owners and managers it doesn’t necessarily come naturally, and that is both understandable and okay, because at a place like The Chair Market, with our eager, friendly, and highly knowledgeable team, you can rest assured that you’ll be in the absolute best hands. 

We are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that the commercial dining chairs and tables destined to grace your restaurant are something that you can look upon with pride, with pleasure, and as inspiration, each day when you arrive at work.  

Dimensional Harmony

Perhaps the most monumental and embarrassingly amateurish mistake that a restaurant owner or manager can make is to simply purchase any restaurant or bistro chairs and tables and any amount, without properly measuring their height and width compatibility with one another and within the venue space as a whole.

A poorly laid-out and designed venue with the wrong size, number, or style of commercial chairs and tables, can have numerous devastating effects on your business. Customers will likely be driven away by the general discomfort, crowding, inefficient and delayed service, and hurried meal experiences because that is precisely the opposite of what they are paying for. 

Seating Options

Lastly, and essentially another aspect of dimensional harmony is finding the type of restaurant chairs and accompanying tables for sale that best suits you, your venue, its clientele, and all of your needs. 

For many restaurants, booth seating is a neat and efficient option that is perfect for the space, shape, and dimensions that they occupy. Others would be best served with an elegant pairing of fine dining, restaurant tables and chairs for sale in order to accommodate their needs. And still others may benefit from a combination of the two, or perhaps, a bar stool and dining chair combination. 

Consider consulting an interior designer or decorator to truly maximize your venue, its fluidity, and its success. 

Whatever path you’ll eventually take, you now have some excellent tools and highly useful information in order to make the wise, informed decisions that you need to make. 

And when the time comes to begin that daunting but critical process; the flawless designing and furnishing of your own, distinctive restaurant space, The Chair Market is here. 

With over three decades of experience providing some of the most exquisite restaurant tables and chairs for sale in the entire industry, through a quality, dedicated customer service and sales team, as well as endless customizable fabrics, finishes, designs, and deals, The Chair Market is the ideal first and last stop upon your search. 


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